Battló Chair (1906)

Battló chair was designed in the early 20th century by the catalan architect and designer Antoni Gaudí, inspired by the curvilinear naturalism of Art Nouveau.


Battló chair.

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Gaudí and Casa Battló

Batlló chair designed by Antoni Gaudí is a reproduction by BD Barcelona, entirely made of solid varnished oak and it’s part of the serie of furniture designed by Gaudí for Casa Batlló, including a chair and a bench. The furniture Gaudí originally designed for the main dining room is also preserved at the Gaudí Museum in the Park Güell.

In 1906, Gaudí finished work on the Casa Batlló, a typical urban house on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, which he transformed into one of the most outstanding buildings in the city.

In contrast with what happened in general to almost all the Modernist furniture which ended up going out of fashion, furniture designed by Gaudí is still as modern today as it was when it was first designed. Perhaps this is because it is more reminiscent of sculpture than mere benches and chairs.

The admiration felt by modern designers for the furniture designed by Gaudí has not gone unnoticed by BD Barcelona which was the first company to rescue them from history by embarking on their serial production using traditional art and craft techniques and the same materials –varnished solid oak– in order to reproduce all the rich detail displayed by the originals when they were first produced.

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Casa Batlló.

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It was one of the first signs of ergonomical furniture.  The circular voids situated on each side of the back which could make us think of a light decoration, are some functional cut-backs pretending to help to move the chair in case it is necessary. The backrest follows the contour of the seat to balance the symmetry of the structure.

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What are its dimensions?

(74 x 52 x 47 cm)

Batlló chair dimensions.

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How was it made?

Solid varnished oak chair. Thanks to its shapes, it adapts to the position of the body. The aestheticism of this chair, based on simplicity, escapes the right lines.

Batlló chair details.

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