Fourth Pompeian Style ( 60AD )

Fourth Style appears in Pompeii following the earthquake of 62 AD, continues in the Roman world well into the second century AD, and was very popular until the city’s destruction in 79 AD.

Fresco on a wall in the fourth style
Lucretius House, Pompeii.

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Defined “fantastic style”, the IV is heterogeneous, and incorporates elements from all of the earlier styles; it can be best described as a combination of the three styles that came before.

Faux marble blocks along the base of the walls, as in the First Style, frame the naturalistic architectural scenes from the Second Style, which in turn combine with the large flat planes of color and slender architectural details from the Third Style.

The “Panoramic” Style also incorporates central panel pictures, although on a much larger scale than in the third style and with a much wider range of themes, incorporating mythological, genre, landscape and still life images.

Ixion Room, House of the Vetii, Pompeii, Italy, 1st century C.E.
Ixion Room, House of the Vetii, Pompeii, Italy, 1st century C.E.

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Architecture becomes more realistic, and the wall tends to open up again, but not so far as in Style II. Developing from Style III, paintings are given an illusion of portability by being set into trompe-l’oeil aediculae, screens, and tapestries.

Scenes of heroic character-mythological and allegorical figures, painted with warmer colors representing the elements and accessories in yellow gold. In the Flavian period, so in the last years of the city of Pompeii, appear real scenes and great landscapes.

Further developments include the imitation of stage backgrounds, and an “intricate” style consisting of arabesques on white ground, as in Nero’s Domus Aurea in Rome.

The House of the Tragic Poet, one of the Vetti and Menander in Pompeii, Shrine of the Augustans and the House of the Stags at Herculaneum have some of the finest examples of decorations in the fourth style.

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