Alvar Aalto – Finnish Architect and Designer (1898-1976)

Alvar Aalto is recognized today as one of the great masters of modern architecture.
Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), one of the founders of Artek, was born in Kuortane, Finland. During his long and prolific career, Aalto’s work embraced almost all key public institutions: town halls, theatres, churches, libraries and universities as well as standardized housing and private homes.

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Alvar Aaltos ability to synthesise rationalist architecture with an organic language of form, and his way of combining materials and making the landscape part of the building are unique. Aaltos architecture is still discussed by students and lovers of architecture all over the world.

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Alvar Aalto
Alvar Aalto (1898-1976)

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Which are the main feature of Aalto’s architecture?

Aalto‘s architecture is distinctively Finnish. It is marked by a warm humanity and strong individuality. His buildings derive their special aesthetic character from their dynamic relationship with their natural surroundings, their human scale, superbly executed details, unique treatment of materials and ingenious use of lighting. Like all great art, however, Aalto’s architecture transcends national boundaries. His work is not the exclusive property of Finland: it forms a part of a common cultural heritage of European and worldwide significance. Alvar Aaltos architecture is part of the history of international Modern Architecture.

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 Aalto, Theater Opera House in Essen in Germany
Aalto, Theater Opera House in Essen (1959- 1988)

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Which are the main feature of Aalto’s style?

Aalto’s modern furniture is essentially linked with inventions about the bending of wood. He was granted patents on several of these inventions in a number of different countries in the 1930s 40s and 50s. According to Alvar Aalto’s design principles, the interior design and furnishings had to be in harmony with the architectural style of the building.

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Aalto, Teewagen
Aalto, Tee cart ( tea trolley)

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Which are the most important works of Aalto?


  • 1932: Paimio Chair
  • 1933: Three-legged stacking Stool 60
  • 1933: Four-legged Stool E60
  • 1935-6: Armchair 404 (a/k/a/ Zebra Tank Chair)
  • 1939: Armchair 406


  • 1954: Floor lamp A805
  • 1959: Floor lamp A810


  • 1936: Aalto Vase

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Artek, Armchair 406 (1939)

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