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French Country Style

French country style is inspired by the French countryside, specifically Provence. This style is very popular because of its rustic-looking accessories, casual elegance and extravagant lighting.

French Country Kitchen

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What is French country style?

French Country style design has emerged from the scenic villages in the south of France and very quickly became one of the most popular styles around the world. Incorporating French country style into an interior space can make the most urban house look like a tiny French village. At the same time the french decor can be extremely ornate and elegant. Provençal homes incorporate some traditional elements in a more relaxed, distressed and subdued way. French Country interior design can adapt to anyone and is appropriate for any kind of budget.

French Country Style Interior

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What colors and prints are considered French country?

The colors used to decorate in the classic French Country style come from the spectrum of the color wheel. Country French style has a mix of orange-reds, cornflower blues, corn-silk yellow, bright grass green and soft ocean tones. A mix of neutrals, bit of lavender with a smaller amount of pink provides the maximum of flexibility.

French Country Style Interior

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Traditional French country motifs and accessories include olives, roosters, sunflowers, lavender and grapes. The designs are often bordered by a wide panel. Traditional design for French Country fabrics is a toile, which translates as “cloth” in French. It’s often found in a cream, white or yellow ground with different motifs in a single contrasting color, such as blue, black or green. Sometimes toile themes include farm animals or country scenes. Most toile patterns are printed on cotton or linen.

Materials and architectural features

French Country Style Interior

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Natural rustic materials are an important basic element in pieces of furniture used in French Country style. The focus here is on old and charming materials. Natural stone floors are often covered with cotton rugs or wool. A chair with carved wood details and a rush-woven seat give simplicity and texture to the room. French Country houses cannot be considered fully completed without a stone fireplace. The hearth of the fireplace may consist of clay or brick, herbs and iron accessory pieces.

Designers used to give the finishing touch with an «armoire» to store pans and pots, clothing, bed or bath linens. A large rectangular or round dining table must have a low-sheen or dull waxed finish.

Decor in french country style

French Country Style Chandelier

Image source: by Wonderlane

The beauty of French-country style can be adopted in almost any home, from the most quaint to the most luxurious. The traditional decor items in a French Country room are wire baskets, colorful ceramics, carved wood pieces and natural colors.
Also, French-country houses are characterized by ultra-lavish features such as tall windows and romantic arches. Natural lush flowers are everywhere hosted by clear glass vases.

Another classic element of a French home is Art: from small prints to big oil paintings. Just a few pieces placed in the right spots could make a space feel totally pulled-together, cozy and warm.

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