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Moon System (2007)

Created in conjunction with B&B Italia, Moon System redefines the notion of modular seating, making each element a module to achieve great flexibility and aesthetic taste.

The Moon System exposed at the exhibition “L’Italia di Zaha Hadid”, at MAXXI in Rome.

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Designing the Moon System: testing the Limits of Curved Geometry

The Moon System blends ergonomics and beauty to ‘liquefy’ conventional sofa typography and escape the constraints of the typical seating system. The design is therefore a result of a happy convergence of B&B Italia’s typical inclination to experiment and the research conducted by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid on the complexity of curved geometries. Hadid’s fascination with innovative curvilinear geometries led in fact to the devising of a sofa whose back, seat and armrests appear to be sculpted out of a single material into one continuous angular shape.

Bench by Zaha Hadid

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A Piece of Design conceived for the Home

Despite its scenic presence, the project was conceived for the home and required careful assessment of the dimensions in addition to a specific study of the fabric collection with elastic and polyurethane coated covers that enhance its sculptural appearance. As a powerful iconic sofa-sculpture that does not renounce ergonomic and comfort design, the Moon System is ideally placed in the centre of a room where its fluid, expressive curves can be admired from new viewpoints.

Example of home décor arranged around the Moon System.

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The Remarkable Shape of the Moon System

With its unmistakable distinctive profile, the like of the buildings designed by Zaha Hadid, the architect creates a highly dynamic corner sofa in a neat, modern fashion. The Moon System presents itself as a single block sculpted into a single material that contains the backrest, seat and armrest. The overall shape matches the ottoman that perfectly corresponds to the hollows of the seat and follows its profile.

Moon System by Zaha Hadid and B&B Italia, 2007.

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The Origins and Meaning of the Name

The name of this peculiar piece of design recalls the combination of unusual shapes and the concept of a product-system. The theme of the piece, in its more traditional version, was radically challenged to create a strongly dynamic angular movement without sacrificing purpose and usability. De facto, Moon offers exceptional comfort and flexibility, with each component a beautiful stand-alone piece in its own right. Moreover, the system can be rotated and reconfigured to conceal the matching ottoman, making it a piece that’s even more adaptable to its surroundings.

Furniture in the Indianapolis Museum of Art

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The Materials of the Moon System

  • Internal frame: tubular steel and steel profiles;
  • Internal frame upholstery: Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam;
  • Cover: fabric in limited categories.
The Moon System in four different colour variations.

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Data Sheet

  • Designer: Zaha Hadid;
  • Year of design: 2007;
  • Manufacturer: B&B Italia;
  • Materials: polyurethane with upholstered finish;
  • Dimensions: 2680 x 2080 x 2000h mm.
Technical drawings of the Moon System.

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