Rustic Style

Rustic is a term that defines an aged, natural, organic style, opposite to industrial perfection. Most rustic pieces are made from heavy wood, sometimes entirely natural or only lightly treated. The main purpose of this style is to create the look and feel that resemble the beauty and simplicity found in the natural world.

Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim Frontier Cabins

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Contemporary rustic style are combined with a grounded aesthetic and fresh-clean modern design. Rustic design is a perfect way to connect with nature’s elements and benefit from her powers.

Rustic Style Chair

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From the idealization of the “simple life” and nature that occurred in the middle of 18th century, the trend for this kind of products persisted well into the 20th century. This vogue was especially popular in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It was naturally admired by the British Victorians, due to their passion for the picturesque. In the late 19th century cast-iron rustic furniture spread very widely and the style was applied even to terracotta garden seats.


Rustic Style Interior

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Wood is a key element used in rustic homes. Cherry, pine, hickory, alder are great choices for emulating a rustic relax feel. Heavy wood furniture, made from raw logs and boards is designed to feel cozy, easy and comfortable. Rustic furniture is usually handmade, constructed from reclaimed woods and stones for keeping the natural theme. It is generally simple in design and shape and is typically oversized.

Metals are also expected to be seen in this style. Wrought metals may be incorporated into a room space in various ways. Pans and pots tend to be seen hanging in the kitchen while iron bands are spotted wrapped around staircase posts.

Rustic Style Chandelier

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Stone is regularly used to balance the interior design and completing the rustic style. Exposed walls are typically seen surrounding fireplaces with natures elements – stone, fire and wood – all to unite and beautify the territory.


Rustic Style Home Decorations

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When we refer to a natural color palette, a lot of people think of beige, cream and brown. However, a natural color palette includes spectres of green, red and blue.

To help capture the basic and distressed feel of a rustic style, wide surfaces such as floors and walls are typically left unpainted and raw. Colors are often included to compliment and accessorize the raw materials of a room.

Rustic home incorporate resistant fabrics that evoke a natural aesthetic. Various textiles are often placed side-by-side; this leads to a complex but very stylish apartment. A faux animal carpet or a weaved rug will add to the bedroom a sense of warmth and coziness. As for the patterns the buffalo check, ikat, calico and patchwork are traditionally seen in a typical rustic home.


Terrace on the Grand Canyon

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Gardens can enhance the natural feel in a Rustic design house. The rocks, concrete or stones are also suitable for the outdoor and garden areas. For example, we can create a small waterfall with rocks on the side of a garden.

A garage or shed can be turned into a work of art by adding a collection of some vintage items. The back side of the garage gets a face-lift with a cute and practical potting bench, metal advertising signs, old garden tools and pots of bright flowers. New or vintage galvanized pots, troughs, tubs and livestock feeders make beautiful planters that give any patio or deck an instant country look.

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