Ron Arad

Ron Arad is a leading and eminent industrial designer, architect and artist, known for his creative and innovative designs. He was awarded the Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) in recognition of his “sustained excellence in aesthetic and efficient design for industry” in 2002.

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Ron Arad

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About his life

Ron Arad is an Israeli industrial designerartist, and architect, born in Tel Aviv in 1951, educated at the Jerusalem Academy of Art and later at the Architectural Association in London. After graduating, Ron Arad co-founded with Caroline Thorman the design and production studio One Off in 1981, and later, in 1989, moved on to create Ron Arad Associates (architecture and design practice). In 2008, ultimately, Ron Arad Architects was established alongside Ron Arad Associates.

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Ron Arad at the Studio

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What are Arad’s style main features ?

Ron Arad’s constant experimentation with the boundaries and possibilities of materials, from metals to composites, and his radical re-conception of the form and structure of objects and buildings, large and small, has put him at the forefront of contemporary design and architecture.

During Arad’s practice, design had taken a radical turn as of the 1980s, deconstructing the rigid ideology of the Bauhaus – often by applying a striking sense of humor. Avant-garde designers like Philippe Starck and Ron Arad brazenly borrowed from the “historical closet” of previous styles, using them to biomorphic pieces with whimsical names like Arad’s Big Easy Red Chair, the After Spring Before Summer Chaise Lounge and the Empty Chair.

The Big Easy Chair, chrome

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His early furniture, combining materials associated with the high-tech style and the French objets trouve to produce poetic post-industrial “readymades.” Whether working on furniture or architecture, everything Arad does aims to demonstrate his belief that design has a responsibility to not only have utility, but also be able to surprise and delight.

Design Museum
Design Museum , the board of DMH is led by Ron Arad

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What are his most famous creations?


Some of the early, more celebrated works by Arad include the remarkable Rover Chair, produced by joining together two ready-made pieces, a scrap yard seat of a Rover 200 fused with a frame of Kee-Klamp scaffolding. Other products such as the stereo cast in concrete produced in 1983, and the Tinker chair made by beaten steel, took over the London public of the 80s by rage, the people, overindulged in the spirit of post-punk nihilism and harsh individualism, took a deep fascination to Arad’s methods of fusing used scrapes of materials, and that demonstrated to them, an escape from the infestations of urbanism.

Ron Arad - Restless
Ron Arad – Rover chair, Restless
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Ron Arad Tinker Chair
Ron Arad’s “Tinker Chair” (1988)
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Arad’s public sculptures include Big Blue in Canary Wharf (2000), Evergreen! in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo (2003), Kesher, in Tel Aviv (2011) and Vortext in Seoul, South Korea (2011).
The Big Blue 2000
Big Blue, 2000 for Canary Wharf Group

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Architectural projects include the foyer at the Tel Aviv Opera House (1994), Hotel Puerta America, Madrid (2005), Hotel Duomo, Rimini (2006), Mediacite shopping centre in Liege, Belgium (2009), and the award-winning Design Museum Holon, Israel (2010).

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Museum Holon at 2010 opening in Holon, Israel
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duomo hotel
duomo hotel

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