ArmorPaint is a free, opensource, stand-alone software in continuous development designed for 3D PBR (Phisically Based Render) high quality texture painting and material creation with an instant feedback of your work.

Aromrpaint Videoguide on jdbtube
Armorpaint VideoGuide, jbdtube


What is ArmorPaint

The development team of the open-source game engine Armory has created ArmorPaint, an open-source 3d painting tool, capable of generating PBR texture maps for use in other game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity. ArmorPaint was first released in February 2017, and is still a working progress. Last version released is the 0.8dev updated on Jun 16, 2021, which is still to be determined. It is possibile follow every development on GitHub.

user's interface
A user’s interface while working with nodes, By antb1 (2020), in 3D Modeling in X-Plane

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Main Features

With ArmorPaint users are able to paint directly on the 3d model, and receive an instant feedback on the viewport. Thanks to the PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texture paintings, the material applied on the surface of a 3D model looks very realistic in every illumination condition. ArmorPaint is a node-based toolkit that allows to paint with complex and fully procedural materials. An important feature is the possibility for the user to import 3D assets in OBJ, FBX and, starting with update 0.7, in STL format or as a Blender scene file.

Examples of PBR materials
Example of PBR materials

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Supports for the use

For those who already know how to use shared nodes, it will be easier to use ArmorPaint. However anyone who’s interested in approaching this tool for the first time can read a manual on the official website with a brief description on how to use the main tools, materials, brushes, layers, viewport, baking, workspaces, preferences and plugins. Users can follow ArmorPaint on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Example of painting translucency
Painting translucency in the upcoming ArmorPaint ray-tracing update
publicated on the Instagram page, armory3d

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Download and requirements

ArmorPaint is a portable application, available for Windows and Linux. Experimental Android and macOS builds are also provided. iPadOs is in development. It is necessary to have a good graphic card in order to achieve a good performance, because the painting process on ArmorPaint runs on the GPU. 16K painting requires GTX 1060/6GB or better.

Screenshot of the download section of the main website
Screenshot of the download section of the main website

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