Le Stile Classique (Greco-Romain)

una introduzione bella sintetica e avvincente in modo tale che mi convinca a leggere il resto questa deve esser massimo 3-4 righe dorico il corizione

Disegno di vari capitelli nei vari stili classici ionico dorico corinzio
quindi qui metti la traduzizone di quell oche vedi nell articolo in inglese

sorgent de image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_order

Classic Styles- Characteristics

Testo da tradurre in Francese e in Italiano —- The Doric order is the most easily recognizable as it has simple circular capitals at the top of columns, many of the most important Greek buildings were built using this style. It was the first style of Classical Architecture and was considered a standard of beauty, elegance and strength.  It is connected to the moment when monumental construction started using permanent materials, namely stones. Columns are fluted and are of sturdy, if not stocky, proportions, their shafts stand without a base on the Stygobite, which is the uppermost step of three or more steps of a platform called Crepidula. Capital consists of the Echinus and the quadrangular Abacus and carries the architrave, this latter has frieze that are composed of Triglyphs, square spaces for either painted or sculpted decoration and metopes, marble slabs decorated in bas-relief.

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