Origami Chair (1949)

The Taliesin Origami Chair is a chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1949s, depicts one of the most coveted of his furniture designs.


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Wright designed the Taliesin Origami Chair for the living room at Taliesin West. It was designed to be constructed out of only a single sheet 4 foot x 8 foot of plywood.

This Taliesin Origami Chair was built by Italian company, Cassina (who fabricated a limited edition of Wright’s design in the 50’s).

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Taliesin Origami Chair, 1949, F. L. Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright‘s 1949 Taliesin West “Origami” Chair was designed as if it was folded from a sheet of plywood.

Designed by Wright for his own residence at Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona, this unique and ergonomically comfortable upholstered armchair was designed to be fabricated from a single sheet of laminated plywood.

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Today Taliesin West is the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and houses the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Wright felt very strongly about the connection to the desert. The structure’s walls are made of local desert rocks, stacked within wood forms, filled with concrete. Wright always favored using the materials readily available rather than those that must be transported to the site.

Every part of Taliesin West bears Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal touch. Taliesin West continues as the headquarters of The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and as the winter home for the School of Architecture.

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Living Room of Taliesen West
Taliesin West Garden Room, Scottsdale, Arizona.

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How is made Origami Chair?

The chair utilizes multiple geometric shapes including trapezoid interior/exterior side panels and 60 degree triangular shapes for the arms and legs and copper sheet at floor rests.

Materials include (interior and exterior grade) cherry veneer plywood and fabric upholstered cushions; copper foot guards.

Info source: www.triptod.com

Which are its dimensions?

(77.4x 104.3 x 93 cm)

Info source: www.savewright.org

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