Xavier Lust

Xavier Lust is a furniture designer and sculptor based in Brussels. He is best known for his unique technique of folding and curving metal sheets to make outstanding furniture designs.

Portrait of Xavier Lust.
Portrait of Xavier Lust.

Image source: https://www.mdfitalia.com/en/designers/xavier-lust

Years of Education and Xavier’s Studio

Born on August 27, 1969, in Bruges, he studied interior design at the Institut Saint Luc (1992) before opening his own Studio in Brussels. In 2000 Lust started to design for MDF Italia, an ongoing relationship which was the start of his collaboration with leading international producers such as Driade, De Padova and Cerruti Baleri among others.

At the same time, he kept creating pieces of Design Art, unique pieces or limited editions represented by the best galleries in the sector: Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Galerie du Passage (Paris), Nilufar (Milan), Ralph Pucci (New York, Miami and Los Angeles).

The S Table, by Lust for MDF Italia.
The S Table, by Lust for MDF Italia.

Image source: https://www.mdfitalia.com/en/designers/xavier-lust

Xavier Signature Style: Sinuous Metal

Always testing the technical possibilities of the material, he works closely with a metal factory located in Liege, Belgium, where he tests and explores how the curving process could give strength and structure to otherwise delicate surfaces. Furthermore, the signature curves of Xavier objects are made in the most natural and traditional way without using any mold to force materials deformation.

L'archiduchaise by Xavier Lust, 2004. The piece perfectly illustrates Lust's ability inf olding and forging aluminum and other metals.
L’archiduchaise by Xavier Lust, 2004. The piece perfectly illustrates Lust’s ability to folding and forging aluminum and other metals.

Image source: http://www.artnet.com/artists/xavier-lust/larchiduchaise-BDhZrgY-rMv-pg04MVv0KA2

The Le Banc Bench

Xavier Lust purpose is to use its craft to highlight exclusive residences as well as public spaces. One reference to all is the Le Banc bench, originally made for MDF Italia in 2001 which immediately became an icon of design. A piece that truly represents Xavier Lust signature style, the Le Banc series was a public project requested by the City of Brussels in 2006 which aimed to redesign benches for public areas of the Belgian metropolis. To satisfy the request, Xavier designed a perforated anti-graffiti prototype, which ended up being auctioned as a 12-piece limited edition.

The Le Banc bench, by Xavier Lust, 2001.
The Le Banc bench, by Xavier Lust, 2001.

Image source: https://www.mdfitalia.com/it/prodotti/complementi-e-letti/le-banc

A Design That is not Created, It is Born

Lust’s work has been featured several times in national and international magazines and his metal molding technique has been widely praised by critics and colleagues. As mentioned in a Design Boom article, Xavier Lust’s work is clearly identifiable through the visible tension he gives to his objects and the curves inspired by his innovative (de)formation process of metallic surfaces. A wonderful aspect of Xavier’s work is also the illusion of lightness and motion, as described by the Russian critic Olga Bozhko. His designs manage to express the impossible: that “his works are not created; they are born.

A display of Xavier Lust’s ‘archiduchaise chair’, ‘gun metal bench’, and ‘XST stool’.
A display of Xavier Lust’s ‘archiduchaise chair’, ‘gun metal bench’, and ‘XST stool’.

Image source: https://www.designboom.com/design/design-stories-xavier-lust-brussels-10-13-2015/

A Career Abounding with Awards

During his prodigious career, the Belgian designer has received dozens of awards including Compasso d’Oro special mention. His work has appeared in over 50 exhibitions and is a regular feature in international design publications. He is a regularly invited guest lecturer at leading art and design institutions around the world.

Xavier Lust,'s designs, characterized by lightness and motion.
Xavier Lust,’s designs, characterized by lightness and motion.

Image source: https://www.myaffluency.com/portrait-xavier-lust/

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