Edward Colonna (1862-1948)

German designer, Edward Colonna was one of the main designers who worked for Siegfried Bing and who was responsible for the creation of the Art Nouveau.

Side chair, Colonna, 1899

image source: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/26.228.5/

About his life

Edward Colonna, a pseudonym for Klonne, was born May 11, 1862 near Cologne, Germany. At the age of 15, he left home to study architecture, reputedly in Brussels, Belgium. In the later part of 1882, Colonna left Europe for the United States and settled in New York City. He soon found employment with Louis C. Tiffany. He left Tiffany and took a position with the New York architect Bruce Price. It was through Price that Colonna was hired and began his new job at Barney & Smith Manufacturing Co. of Dayton, Ohio in September 1885. By 1897 Colonna was associated with Siegfried Bing and his celebrated Parisian store, Maison de l’Art Nouveau. In 1923 Colonna retired to Nice in southern France and he died there on October 14, 1948.

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French Art Nouveau Side Table, Colonna, 1900

image source: http://www.macklowegallery.com/gallery/F-15517.jpg

What were his major work?

The high point of his career in Dayton was the publication of two small books containing some of his early designs. The first book was titled, Essay on Broom Corn and the second was Materiae Signa, Alchemistic Signs of Various Materials in Common Usage. Also, Colonna was initially charged with the design of remarkable jewels while working for Bing.

Buckle, Colonna, 1900

image source: http://www.design-is-fine.org/post/131413125334/edward-colonna-buckle-1900-sculpted-gold-set

In the Art Nouveau pavilion at the World’s Fair in 1900, Colonna won a silver medal for a reception room that doubled as a music room; a music cabinet he designed for it is on display at the Renwick. This was a high point for art nouveau and his most important work.

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Music cabinet, Colonna, 1900

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