Marco Zanuso – Italian Designer (1916-2001)

Who is Marco Zanuso ?
Marco Zanuso is italian architect and industrial designer who , helped to revolutionize post-World War II furniture and appliance design.

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Marco Zanuso (1916- 2001)

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Zanuso was also a professor, where he practiced his activities?

Zanuso was Professor of Architecture, Design and Town Planning at the Polytechnic of Milan from 1945 to 1986, played a role in founding ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) in 1954 and helped to organize the first post-war Triennale exhibitions in Milan.
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Siemens, Grillo (1966)

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Which are the main feature of Zanuso style?

He bringing innovative contemporary styling to mass-produced consumer products through his use of sculptural shapes, bright colours, and modern synthetic materials, including tubular steel, acrylics, latex foam, fibreglass, foam rubber, and injection-molded plastics.
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Which magazines he edited?

Zanuso edited the influential design magazines Domus from 1947–1949 and Casabella from 1952– 1954
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Artflex, Lady Chair  (1951)

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 Which are his most significant products?

1951 armchair “Lady Chair” for Arflex (Medaglia d’Oro Triennale)
1952 armchair “Martingala” for Arflex
1952 sofa “Tripoltrona” for arflex (Medaglia d’Oro Triennale)
1954 sofa “Sleep-o-matic” for arflex (Medaglia d’Oro Triennale)
1955 Olivetti buildings in Buenos Aires and San Paolo
1960 chair “Lambda” with Richard Sapper for Gavina
1962 television “Doney” with Richard Sapper for Brionvega
1963 car with Richard Sapper for Alfa Romeo
1964 television “Algol” with Richard Sapper for Brionvega
1964 armchair “Woodline” and “Fourline” for Arflex
1964 child’s chair K4999 with Richard Sapper for Kartell
1965 Radio TS 502 with Richard Sapper for Brionvega
1966 telephone “Grillo” with Richard Sapper for Siemens
1969 television “Black” with Richard Sapper for Brionvega
1970 table “Marcuso” for Zanotta
1970 pen “Hastil” with Richard Sapper for Aurora
1974 IBM building in Milano
1998 New theatre Piccolo teatro in Milano
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Brionvega, Algol (1964)

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