Auguste e Louis Lumière

The Lumière brothers, Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean were among the first filmmakers in history. Inspired by Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope, they developed the Cinématographe and created the first Motion Picture.

Auguste and Louis Lumière

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Born in Besançon, France, Auguste ( October 19, 1862) and Louis (October 5, 1864) moved to Lyon, France in 1870 and attended La Martiniere, the largest technical school in the city.

As sons of a photographic equipment manufacturer and supplier, Auguste and Louis were constantly surrounded by photography and art and developed intelligence for technology at an early age.

While working with his father, Claude-Antoine Lumiére, Louis began experimenting with the equipment and discovered a new ‘dry plate’ process in 1881, which largely assisted the development of photography.

Lumière’s Cinématographe – 1890

Because of the new photography process, the Lumiéres became well-known businessmen and Auguste was invited to a demonstration of Thomas Edison’s Peephole Kinetoscope in Paris. This led to the invention of the Cinématographe and the Invention of Cinema.

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They created more than 40 films that significantly influenced pop culture, including the documentation of common French life, comedy shorts, the first newsreel, and the first documentaries. After all of their film development and success, the brothers decided to return their focus to photography, as they believed “the cinema is an invention without any future”.

Lumiere brothers at work.

By 1907, they produced the first practical colour photography process, known as the “Autochrome Lumiere”. The Lumiére Company continued to be a major supplier of photographic products throughout Europe in the 20th century.

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