Postmodernism (1950-Today)

Postmodernism is a late-20th-century movement in the arts, architecture, and criticism that was a departure from modernism

The term Postmodernism has been applied to a host of movements, mainly in art, music, and literature, that reacted against tendencies in modernism, and are typically marked by revival of historical elements and techniques.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - Spain
The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Image source: by Arch_Sam

It is often associated with deconstruction and post-structuralism because its usage as a term gained significant popularity at the same time as twentieth-century post-structural thought.

Who was Robert Venturi?

Robert Venturi, one of the most prominent Postmodernist architects, wrote two books that were instrumental in defining the movement: Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966) and Learning from Las Vegas (1972).

Vanna Venturi House by Robert Venturi (1964)

Image source:,_Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania_LCCN2011631388.tif

Which are the disciplines that characterized Postmodernism?

Postmodernism was not only an architectural phenomenon,  included graphics, music, costume, ceramics, industrial design, and many other disciplines.

Which were the main features of Postmodernism Architecture?

The prominent features of Postmodern Architecture are mainly adapting diverse aesthetics which gives emphasis on unique forms. Postmodern features are the striking counterpoint of traditional architecture and all its preceding movements.

How were designed the buildings?

Buildings are designed not only to deliver conventional function but also combined with characteristics of meaning such as pluralism, irony, paradox, and contextualism.

File:Portland Building 1982.jpg
Portland Building (1982), by architect Michael Graves, an example of Postmodern architecture

Image source: by Steve Morgan

Which are the main features of Postmodernism Design?

Postmodernism Design is characterized by the return of ornament and symbol to form.

Ray and Maria Stata Center - MIT
Ray and Maria Stata Center – MIT- Cambridge, Massachusetts-by Frank Gehry

Image source: by Tony Webster

Which were the main exponents of Postmodernism?

Some of the best-known and influential architects in the Postmodern style are:

Joel Bergman
Barbara Bielecka
Ricardo Bofill
Mario Botta
John Burgee
Charles Correa
Peter Eisenman
Terry Farrell
Frank Gehry
James Gowan
Michael Graves
Hans Hollein
Arata Isozaki
Helmut Jahn
Jon Jerde
Philip Johnson
Edward Jones
Hans Kollhoff
Ricardo Legorreta
Ernst Lohse
Charles Moore
William Pedersen
César Pelli
Boris Podrecca
John C. Portman, Jr.
Paolo Portoghesi
Antoine Predock
Kevin Roche
Aldo Rossi
Carlo Scarpa
Denise Scott Brown
Robert A.M. Stern
James Stirling
Tomás Taveira
Siavash Teimouri
Robert Venturi
Michael Wilford
James Wines
Eberhard Zeidler

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain (1997)

Image source: by mripp

Postmodernism describes movements which both arise from, and react against or reject, trends in Modernism

Postmodern art is a body of art movements that sought to contradict some aspects of Modernism. In general, movements such as Intermedia, Installation art, Conceptual Art and Multimedia, particularly involving video are described as Postmodern. There are several characteristics which lend art to being Postmodern; these include bricolage, the use of words prominently as the central artistic element, collage, simplification, appropriation, performance art, the recycling of past styles and themes in a modern-day context, as well as the break-up of the barrier between fine and high arts and low art and popular culture.

File:Rome Masjid.jpg
the Mosque of Rome, 1974, by Paolo Portoghesi (1995)

Image source: ,by Tykeoutdoljoklp

Volete venire con me a visitare la moschea di Roma?
Interior of the Mosque of Rome, 1974, by Paolo Portoghesi (1995)

Image source: , by  Zingaro. I am a gipsy too.

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