Distex Lounge Chair (1953)

The Distex chair model encapsulates the radical vision of Ponti’s postwar design aesthetic. The chair’s form became an important communicator of Ponti’s innovative and distinctly modern vision of the century

Gio Ponti
Distex lounge chair, model 807
Italy, 1953 / c. 1961

image source: https://www.wright20.com/auctions/2014/12/important-design/253?search=+Gio+Ponti+

Gio Ponti
Distex lounge chair, model 807
Italy, 1953

image source: https://www.wright20.com/auctions/2015/06/design/248?search=+Gio+Ponti+

Born from the tradition of classic design, Ponti elevates the form to a masterpiece through adaption. The first version of the Distex chairs had fully upholstered fixed arm panels and ash feet.

Gio Ponti
Distex lounge chair
Italy, 1954

images source: https://www.wright20.com/auctions/2016/05/design-masterworks/13?search=+Gio+Ponti+

What makes it so special?

The Distex chairs embraced the same geometric and faceted references as the contemporary skyscrapers, cars and industrial designs that was simultaneously exploring. There is a true sense of movement and complexity communicated through the form and emphasized in the materials.

What are its dimensions?

31.5 x 28 x 41 in.

(80 x 71.1 x 104.1 cm.)

Gio Ponti
Distex lounge chair, model 807
Cassina, 1953
Italy – 33 h × 32 w × 44 d in (84 × 81 × 112 cm)

image source: http://www.icollector.com/Gio-Ponti-Distex-lounge-chair-model-807-Cas_i6890492

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