Cybertruck is a full-electric light duty truck, made by Tesla. The pursued goal behind it is to provide a sustainable substitute to the same category of fossil fueled vehicles all around the world.

Cybertruck Logo
The commercial logo of the Cybertruck.

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What Can We Expect From The Cybertruck?

The Tesla website section about the Cybertruck states: “Better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car”.

(All specs below refer to the late 2021 RWD model)

Utility – The back storage can carry up to 1500 kg circa, with a net volume of 2.83 m³, self-leveling suspensions depending on the load, on-board power generator supplying both 120 and 240 Volts outputs, astonishing 40cm ground clearance, 4 doors, 6 seats (3 on the front , 3 on the back), a bullet-resistant chassis made out of stainless steel, a polymer-layered composite glass and, just like all the recent Teslas out there, the (optional) fully autonomous self-driving.

Performance – A whopping 3400 kg of towing capacity, 400 km range on a single charge, rear-wheel drive, a blazing fast 0-60 in just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 175 km/h.

Starting price RWD model would be 39’900$ in the US; there are two more models coming later with an all-wheel drive, higher top speeds, greater ranges, dual or tri motor and better towing ability.

Side view of the eco-truck
Side view of the eco-truck.

Image source: . Author: Ollie Marriage

Do We Need A Cybertruck?

In 2018, light trucks sales in the US increased by 7.7%. In that year many thousands of pickups were sold every day as a bigger number of Americans had been buying trucks even if they didn’t farm or own a ranch.

The air emissions coming from pickups (and cars in general), in addition to the pollution coming from gas production, has reached unacceptable levels ; Tesla is counting on the popularity of this specific slice of the American market in order to change it for the best. The whole lineup coming from Elon Musk is tackling the problem and the Cybertruck is no exception.

The Cybertruck is designed and engineered to check all the boxes of the pick-up truck buyer and merge these together with the sustainability of Tesla’s technology.

Ford F-150 vs Cybertruck traction test
Ford F-150 vs Cybertruck traction test. Spoiler alert: easy win for the electric.

Image source: Author: Pearl Daniels

The Design:

There’s no easy way to say it: the design of this machine is totally unique. Depending on your taste, you either love it or hate it, you could call it courageous or ridiculous.

Its low-poly shape, the Blade Runner looks, the utility behind this peculiar outline, all contribute to make the looks of this car very distinctive. The “armor” envelopes with sharp contours the unibody design that Tesla decided to go for. Internals are staggeringly futuristic too, presenting half steering wheel, compact volumes, clean overall look, very geometric and having all the optional features you would expect being standard on something coming  straight from the future.

Main designer of this bulky eco-beast is Franz Von Holzhausen, who worked at Mazda, GM, VW and on many of the current Tesla models too: S, 3, X and Y.

Internals of the Cybertruck
These are the Star Trek worth internals of the Cybertruck. Notice the 6 seats available, the main computer and the clean design.

Image source: Author: Ollie Marriage

Is It Worth It?

Although the switch to an electric vehicle might sound limiting, the above average specs of all Tesla models show that the “inconvenient” part is actually very bearable.

More and more electric docks are being spread around the world, the performance of this sort of vehicles is still to be perfected and we’re surely going to be getting better technology in the near future.

Nevertheless, the idea and culture of hybrid or fully electric cars is catching on lately; the future is almost inevitably electric, and Tesla is tackling this problem in a rather exciting way. We can be somewhat confident that, provided a Tesla is there for you, your eco future will not be underwhelming in the slightest.

Cybertruck's Chassis
The unibody structure used for the chassis.

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