Neo Rationalism (1950-Today)

Neo Rationalism is a style that recalled historical forms fusing them with rationality. It was born in Italy, with the name of “Tendenza”.

Giorgio Grassi, ABB Roland Ernst headquarters, Berlin
Giorgio Grassi, ABB Roland Ernst headquarters, Berlin, Germany 1993.

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Aldo Rossi

Aldo Rossi worked as a professor and architect. He also designed San Cataldo Cemetery located in Modena.

Comotero di San Cataldo, Modena
Comotero di San Cataldo, Modena.-Buildings with steel blue roofs enclose the cemetery.

Image source: by RowenaOscura

Built in 1972 the square building was projected to recall a number of abstract concepts Rossi had written about before. The large orange cube starts the formalism of cemetery layouts and turns it into the concept of the utilitarian building of the San Cataldo grave. The building lays on rows of concrete stilts and the center of the structure is opened and  anyone can see the tight grid of empty burial niches in the floors overhead.

Comotero di San Cataldo, Modena.
Comotero di San Cataldo, Modena.


Giorgio Grassi

Giorgio Grassi was an Italian architect, born in 1935 in Milan. He worked for the magazine “Casabella-Continuità”. Later on he worked as Professor in the schools of architecture of Milan and Pescara. He wrote many books throughout his life. With his design, he took distance with tradition and expressed its evident intention to turn the place into something different: functional and historically oriented in lines. This rationalism is potent again in projects such as the residential unit, and even in restorations such as the restoration and rehabilitation of the Roman Theatre of Sagunto.

Roman Theatre in Sagunto, Spain
Roman Theatre in Sagunto, Spain, 1985-1993.

Image source: by Alba Sánchez Lizana

Carlo Aymonino

With this architectural works, Aymonino, he achieved the ability that he will show in the following housing projects designs. It is possible to name the most important that were the “Spine Bianche” complex, visible in Matera, and the “Tratturo dei Preti“, in Foggia. Some years later, Aymonino, will cooperate with Aldo Rossi on the project for Monte Amiata housing buildings in the Gallaratese district in Milan.

Monte Amiata Housing
Monte Amiata Housing

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