Lounge Chair with Arms

Designed as part of the Ruspan Originals residence furniture lines, the Lounge Chair with Arms is a seat devised by Russell Spanner in 1950 for Gus* Modern.

Lounge Chair with Arms
Lounge Chair with Arms, designed by Russell Spanner, 1950.

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Spanner#/media/File:Russell_Spanner-Lounge_Chair_With_Arms.png

The Lounge Chair with Arms: a Classic of Canadian Modern Design

Originally created in 1950 by Russell Spanner, the Lounge Chair with Arms has become a classic of Canadian Mid-Century Modern furniture design. It gives modernism a particular twist by interpreting its features with an industrial edge.

The design is inspired by simple forms and honest materials. As a result, the chair looks clean, elegant and versatile, with a woven-web seat made of 100% cotton strapping and a solid birch frame with curved plywood components.

Lounge Chair with Arms
Lounge Chair with Arms

Image source: https://modernplanet.com/gus-modern-spanner-lounge-chair.html

The Decision to Reprise Production by Staying True to the Original

After being out of production for more than 50 years, Gus*, in collaboration with the Spanner family, worked to revive this iconic chair, carefully matching the construction, materials, and design details to stay true to the original in every way. The seat is realized in woven strapping, and the frame is in solid birch with exposed bolts and finger-joint details. Like the original, the Lounge Chair with Arms is built in Toronto and available in a variety of finishes.

Spanner Lounge Chair
Spanner Lounge Chair, 1950, the Lounge Chair with Arms has become a classic of Canadian Mid-Century Modern furniture design

Image source: https://modernplanet.com/gus-modern-spanner-lounge-chair.html

Data Sheet

  • Designer: Russell Spanner;
  • Year of Design: 1950;
  • Manufacturers: Gus* Modern;
  • Provenance: Toronto, Canada;
  • Materials: birch, fabric (100% cotton), solid birch and curved birch plywood.
 Spanner Lounge Chair drawings
Spanner Lounge Chair drawings

Image source: https://modernplanet.com/gus-modern-spanner-lounge-chair.html

Gus* Logo
Gus* Logo

Image source: https://modernplanet.com/gus-modern-spanner-lounge-chair.html

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