Eco-Design (1990s-present)

Eco-Design is an architectural approach that works to reduce harmful effects of humans on the environment.

Eco-Design Architecture

The design style works to use less resources with the minimum impact on nature and society. Eco-design, described by Sim Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan, is an integrative ecologically responsible art design. It focuses on lessening the impact of pollution, waste, distributing products, and making recycling more important.

Putrajaya, Malaysia: Suruhanjaya Tenaga Sustainable Building (The Diamond Building)
Suruhanjaya Tenaga Sustainable Building in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Image source: by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

Features of Eco-design

The style may include the following features:

  • In terms of energy: significant reductions in heating and cooling requirements
  • In terms of maintenance: easy maintenance with long-lasting materials
  • Bio-climatic architecture that pays attention to architectural issues and emissions issues
This is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world
The Co-op Group offices in Manchester, England

Image source: by 1010 Climate Action

Famous Examples

In building design and construction, architects apply Eco-design principles throughout all process, from materials to the energy employed. This reduces costs and minimizes the costs of shipping. Recyclable materials are often used in buildings, but it is vital the materials are not damage during manufacturing.

The Taipei World Financial Center is a worldwide starting point for sustainable skyscraper evolution. The tower rises from its basement resembling the form of a Chinese pagoda. The top of each module hosts mechanical floors with garbage systems. Moreover, the building is a symbol of technological improvement and Asian tradition. Also, the tower was built to withstand typhoons and earthquakes.

Taipei 101 - The tallest building of the world until 2007
Taipei World Financial Center

Image source: by Jorge Lascar

Findhorn Ecovillage, located in Findhorn Bay of Moray, represents a synthesis of the best sustainable human complexes. In the eco-village, sustainability values are conveyed in with ecological apartments and the innovative use of materials such as through local stones and electricity-generating wind turbines. Sustainable values are also in the community’s social, economic and educational events.

A Barrel House—the first new dwelling to be created at Findhorn Ecovillage
A Barrel House at Findhorn Ecovillage

Image source:

Eco-Design Furniture

Sustainable furniture is the result of creating pieces with reusable materials. Thus, it includes anything made from materials that had previously been used in other ways and are employed for new furnishings.

sustainable Home - Dining
sustainable Home – Dining

Image source: by Sander van Dijk

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