Rococo Style developed in France and was adopted by the rest of Europe during the 18th Century. It takes its name from the French rocaille, or the curvy motifs common to the design.

A light wood armoire with two glass doors. The edges have curvy flourishes, and there are wine racks seen in the center of the piece.
Rococo Armoire ,converted into a wine rack 44 bottles.

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Rococo architecture was a lighter, yet also more complicated version of its Baroque predecessor. It emphasized the asymmetry of forms and was more secular as it had no religious references. Rococo architecture brought important changes to the building of all the structures, emphasizing privacy.

The top flourish of a white and pink Rococo armoire.
Rococò style, detail of a top flourish on an armoire.

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The courtyard of the Branicki Palace in Poland.
Branicki Palace

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The Branicki Palace is an 18th-century estate in Warsaw. It is located at the junction of Podwale and Miodowa Streets, and it took inspiration from French mansions. The project was designed like a horseshoe, with a central part and two side wings. The building was set apart from the street by an asymmetrical courtyard used for the visitors. On the facades, a balance was found between admirable Rococo features and rooftop windows. The main entrance was adorned with a portico in four columns with statues on the top.


Rococo Main Characteristics

Natural motives are a feature of British and French Rococo. However, in British Rococo the way of conceiving natural motifs was usually more realistic than those on French Rococo pieces. Elaborately carved forms were used by designers rather than architects, which explains the typical asymmetrical designs. Curved forms are common in Rococo, and often resemble They often resemble the letters S and C.

A photo of the inside of Vladimir Palace in St. Petersburg.
Rococò/ Gothic interior design-Vladimir Palace, St. Petersburg- by a team of architects for Alexander II’s son, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of Russia. 

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Info source:,_Warsaw

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