Modern (1920 – 1980)

Modern Design dominated the 20th Century. It takes inspiration from Modernist movements and their features.

Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd Wright)
Kauffman Fallingwater house. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Image source: by brdonovan


Modern Style Architecture

One of the main characteristics of modern architecture is simplicity in design. The modern design encourages spaces to be clean, functional. Lines are  important in the projects, to make easier the creation of a linear building. The lines are usually straight and angled. Homes sometimes have several roof lines at different levels. The living areas are all connected. Windows are used in the design to bring in much natural light, and the building materials are left in an organic state.

The Guggenheim museum (New York, USA 2012)
Modern Architecture, functionalist example.- The Guggenheim museum (New York, USA 2012), by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 1939

Image source: by paularps


Modern Architecture Examples

The Winslow House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in River Forest, Illinois and it was finished in 1894. The house’s design takes inspiration from Wright’s mentor Louis Sullivan. Sheltered beneath a low-pitched roof with wide eaves, the house is symmetrical and can be divided horizontally into a stone section. The rear has irregular geometric forms, contrasting with the facade. The interior recalls both Wright’s own home and the Charnley House having a fireplace in the center in front of the entry with rooms on both sides and a hidden main staircase.

Winslow House.
Winslow House, Chicago suburb (1893)

Image source: by Teemu008

Le Corbusier corner, Weissenhofsiedlung
Weissenhof-Siedlung Houses 14 and 15.

Image source: by karaian

The two-family structure called Houses 14 and 15, projected by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret in 1927, can be found on the outskirts of Stuttgart. A progressive precedent for the new International Style, Le Corbusier’s work in Stuttgart is seen as a critical prototype in the building and realization of the Swiss architect’s architectural identity, which would change the 20th century way of conceiving architecture.

The Grand Rex is a cinema in Paris. It is famous for its distinctive decoration and its huge main auditorium, which is the largest cinema theatre in Europe. It is considered an atmospheric cinema in America, the Grand Rex’s most important hall features a starred ceiling and fairytale-like decoration also on the sides of the screen. The cinema’s external facade is out of proportion in comparison to neighboring buildings, has large neon lights and an art déco style tower. The cinema is an important trace of art deco architecture.

File:New Order, Le Grand Rex, Paris, October 2019 (03).jpg
Grand Rex, Paris

Image source: by Ardfern


Modern Objects Design

Functionality is important, and form follows an object’s function. Lines maintain both organic and geometric features. Minimal ornamentation is a characteristic of all modern projects, with the combination of contrasting materials, including plastic for example. Liberal use of traditional material was made and were also used non-traditional materials such as metal or vinyl and plexiglass.

Cocoon Chair
An example of Modern design chair.- Cocoon Chair

Image source: by Cea.

Chair at Dwell on Design
Modern design chair- Chair at Dwell on Design,the white bulb chair

Image source: by ricardodiaz11

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