Art Decò Style (1925-1945)

Art Decò was named after the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs and Industriels Moderns made in Paris in 1925. The event that would go on to influence arts all over the world.

Sariaya Town Center Complex - Art Deco-styled (early 1900s).
Sariaya Town Center Complex (1924)

Image source: by Ramon FVelasquez

Art Deco Mica Table Lamp- This American-made mica lamp was most likely a transitional design lamp between the Arts and Crafts period and the Art Deco era, probably made in the late 1920's or early 1930's.
Art Decò Mica Table Lamp (1920 – 1930’s)

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The Shape Revolution

The style known as Art Decò began in Paris in the 1920s and was a major movement in Europe and the United States during the 1930s. It is focused on sleek geometries and stylized shapes, in addition to the abundant use of man-made materials. The style was in deep contrast to the avant-garde art of the period, which tell us about the change Modernism underwent, turning into fashion and adopting distinctive symbols such as florals motifs, animals, and sun rays. Further, through these, we see the rise of a distinctive kind of anti-traditional elegance that stood in for wealth and sophistication.

Lady's night in art deco : Catharina, Juliana, Elisabeth.- fascinating art deco stained glass in the chapel of Borgerstein.
Lady’s Night in Art: Catharina, Juliana, Elisabeth – Chapel of Borgerstein

Image source: by e³°°°

Art deco police station, 12th arrondissement- Strange art deco police station in Paris, designed by Manolo Nuñez-Yanowsky in 1991, based on Michelangelo's "Dying Slave".
Police station, 12th arrondissement (1991) by Manolo Nuñez-Yanowsky

Image source: by Andrea Schaffer

Key Art Deco Concepts

The style created functional objects, enriched with an artistic touch and combined aesthetics with a practical purpose. At its core, the style is a search for beauty in all aspects of life, art and design. Further, it is a reflection of the revolutionary coming of the age of technology and machines in everyday life and industrial production. Additionally, it completely substituted crafting methods and artisanship.

Art Deco Owl in the foreground, realized in golden lucid metal.
Art Decò Owl

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Glass Lamp, Art decò decor lighting.
Glass Lamp

Image source: by NancyFry

 Thus, the style aimed to be aesthetically pleasing, create artistic-looking products that possessed the same qualities of crafted artisan goods, while employing modern machines and technologies to streamline and maximize the production. Additionally, it tried to be available to everyone. As it is, Streamline Moderne is the American way of naming Art Decò style. Moreover, this Americanization is a stripped-down, less elaborate style than the European counterpart.

Chandelier Baccarat by Georges Chevalier (1894-1987)- (the "Jazz Age" exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States.)
Chandelier Baccarat (1894-1987) by Georges Chevalier

Image source: by Tim Evanson

The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is possibly the most important example of the architecture style. It was built using a steel frame filled with masonry artifacts, interspersed with elements of decorative metal cladding. Further, the 31st-floor displayed gargoyles and replicas of the famed 1929 Chrysler radiator cups. In 1929, the American Society for Testing Materials put together an inspection committee to study performances of the materials used in this construction, finding out that the panels were minimally deteriorated in 30 years, proving the importance of steel in Van Alen’s design.

Art Deco on Wisconsin Avenue.
Art Decò- on Wisconsin Avenue.

Image source: by kke227

Chrysler Building - New York City @ Day: A pointy building with layered arches up until the top of the tower (thins out as each arch builds on the other).
Chrysler Building, New York.

Image source: by hyku

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